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Thomas Skauen

Thomas Skauen has 15 years of experience from various positions at Sleipner Motor. He is currently the Global Marketing Manager at the company and has been boating himself from the age of five.

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Onboard safety: Why you should have an automatic main switch

By Thomas Skauen 10. August 2020

Do you know where to find and how to shut off the main power switch on board your boat in case of an emergency?

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Topics: Thruster - Leisure, Marine Thrusters, Safety

Welcome to the marine blog for stabilizers and thrusters

By Thomas Skauen 1. March 2019

Side-Power by Sleipner Motor are proud to introduce this new base of knowledge. Here you will find articles, videos and web pages about thrusters for workboats and stabilizers for yachts and commercial vessels.

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Topics: stabilizers, thrusters, Marine Stabilizers, Marine Thrusters, Marine Hydraulics

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