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How do stabilizers affect speed and fuel consumption?

By Jan Erik Johansen 25. October 2020

Traditionally, both fin and gyro stabilizers impact speed and fuel consumption, either by the added weight of a gyro or the added water-resistance of external fins. In this article, we highlight the various features of modern fin stabilizers that can alleviate these disadvantages.

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The boater's guide to corrosion

By Marek Jamborowicz 28. September 2020

This guide is intended to give you a fundamental understanding of what corrosion is, what causes and affect it, and help you determine which anode material is right for your boat.

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How to choose the right stabilizer for your boat

By Ronny Skauen 31. October 2019

Over the last few years, roll stabilization has become a must-have for boat owners due to the impressive increase in comfort it delivers. The dramatic roll reduction modern systems provide also increases safety onboard and as a result, allows many families to get more use out of their boats.

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Hydraulic oil for marine use

By Benny Sorensen 5. June 2019

The pressure bearing media in a hydraulic system can be many different fluids, in which oil is most common. 

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An introduction to marine hydraulics

By Benny Sorensen 5. June 2019

Marine hydraulics has become one of the most used power- and torque delivery systems, primarily due to the highly efficient transfer of large both linear and rotary forces and torques.

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Vector fins™ versus flat fins stabilizers

By Jan Erik Johansen 2. May 2019

In our focus to develop the best products for the marine market, we continuously invest to make all of our products even better. In this article we present the difference between flat fins and Vector fins™.

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